Personal Trainers:

mark_photo-225x300_2Mark Mckenna is a Certified Personal trainer focused on providing the highest quality individual and group personal training services. He’s a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor from the Titleist Performance Institute. Mark is an expert in weight loss, nutritional counseling, and total body circuit training. He also enjoys incorporating TRX, kettelbell, and plyometric training as well.  With over 3 years experience and having conducted thousands of 1 on 1 personal training sessions, Mark has a proven track record of client satisfaction, retention and results. Mark is also a Nutrition and Exercise Consultant with Cenegenics Medical Institue where he customizes individual programs designed to meet patient’s age management goals through evaluation of specific diagnostics, lab panel and fitness results. Mark regularly conducts follow up consultations and responds to email questions regarding nutrition/exercise supplementation and nutraceuticals for a large, executive-level patient base.
To schedule an appointment with Mark, please email him at

Nnadia cutoutadia Amrikani is a NCCPT certified personal trainer and a full-time nursing student. She has a firm understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body and what it needs to achieve her client’s goals. With Nadia’s upbeat attitude and persistent drive to achieve success, she focuses on designing personalized workouts pertaining to her  client’s needs. She has a broad background in athletics and healthcare and loves to incorporate techniques such as circuit training, plyometrics, improving flexibility, joint stability, along with the proper nutrition needed for achieving long and short term fitness goals. Nadia believes in aligning the mind, body and spirit and has shown this with her dynamic workouts and the results they have achieved.
She is available for evaluations and questions and may be contacted at
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Sean Norwood is an NSCA certified Personal Trainer.  He also holds certifications including Kettle Concepts 1, Annette Lang Prenatal, and NASM Corrective Exercise. Sean focuses on helping people move better and is passionate about pursuing strength in the basic barbell lifts for himself and his clients.  He believes that mastering the basics allows you to learn and execute advanced exercises more safely and effectively. With over 4 years of experience and a broad educational base, Sean is confident in designing a simple, efficient program for you that can achieve lasting results.
You can contact Sean at

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Marc Ayala is a NASM certified personal trainer with two years of coaching experience in Boxing, Muay Thai, and fighter conditioning. Currently, Marc is enrolled at Umass Boston in the Sociology degree program. Outside of school, Marc fights Amateur Muay thai and is in the process of preparing for amateur boxing matches. He loves putting people through tough workouts that build physical and mental strength, which he believes is key for activities of daily living. Proper technique and execution of exercises are a key focus, as he believes that proper exercise progression must be built from a strong foundation. Boxing and Muay Thai strongly influence Marc’s training philosophy, as they both serve to improve one’s health tremendously through high intensity conditioning, but also serve as realistically applicable forms of self-defense. Feel free to approach him with any fitness or Boxing/Muay Thai questions!

ryan cutoutRyan Faer has been working in the field as a personal trainer for the last three years. He graduated from NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) with a degree in personal training and basic nutrition. Ryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus in sport and fitness from Mt. Ida College. Ryan grew up playing competitive soccer all the way through college and continues to play at an elite level for fun. His areas of expertise cover all areas of fitness. From his personal sports career and experience in the field, he specializes in athletes of all sports. He also specializes in weight loss for both men and women through the use of traditional core lifts combined with new & old training styles. The type of training needed is specific to
each individual but will always include the five essential components of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio respiratory fitness and body composition). Ryan’s passion lies specifically in the study of myofascial release and mobility work. This passion has steered him towards the financial district where the client base is perfect for this work. Society has placed most in a position where they sit at a desk, travel, and/or type on a regular basis for work. This tends to rid one’s muscle memory of their posterior chain (backside) and therefore cause pain in areas such as the shoulders, lower back, hips, and/or knees. Myofascial release and mobility work are the necessary first step to succeed in any area of training. From there, the individualized program will provide results whether it is in the area of weight loss, toning, strength & power
training, flexibility, pain reduction, or sport specific goals.